Sunday, November 6, 2016


Hi gang! Sorry for the silence. The computer at home went kaput, and my old backup laptop couldn't quite run a browser that can handle the Blogger platform. I managed to rig up something up, after a fashion, but I still can't comment on my own blog.

As far as the question that's on most everyone's mind: I'm almost done with the next installment. Update should be coming in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

In the mean time, I've accumulated a bunch of interesting stories, at least from my perverted perspective.

Let's start slow. Over at the EMCSA, we have My New Girlfriend, by Ice Bear: “Drew has a little trouble understanding why his hot new girlfriend Courtney goes to such extremes to please him.” Well paced, with some wonderful set pieces and hot sex. And of course, mysterious mind control, and a somewhat befuddled protagonist.

Over at Literotica, we have Tormenting Tina, by JericoKnight: “An 18-year-old enslaves his history teacher.” Blackmailed teacher — a time-tested trope. This teacher seems to enjoy it, though.

Finally, a weirdly over-the-top long meandering story, that someone reminded me existed, Mother in Law Cannot Resist by MILowner: “Fiona tries to resist her son-in-law's cock but cannot.” This story is not particularly well written, yet it keeps calling me back over and over again. A blackmailed and humiliated woman, who nevertheless cannot help herself. The thing with this story is that while it is linear, the various chapters are scattered about the author's page in alphabetical order. Enough to drive one nuts. But if you go by publication dates, you can restore the appropriate order.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

New Story: The Adjusters #66

Here is the latest installment of The Adjusters and the end of Book VI, “Los Angeles, Aftermath", wherein Daniel gets a reward of a sort for his success in Los Angeles.

As usual, comments welcome.

I'll also remind you that we have a Speculation Thread available for general discussion. (A thread which I read but do not comment on.)

The Adjusters #66 - Los Angeles, Aftermath

“So how’s everything?” asked Elizabeth Parkinson—who liked to be called Betty—smiling her usual affable smile, relaxed behind her desk, the consummate HR professional. “I heard you did very well in Los Angeles on an team assignment that turned into a solo assignment.”

Daniel Malcolm nodded. “Not a lot of secrets around here, are there?”

If Betty picked up on the sarcasm, she did not let on. “Oh, quite the contrary. There are lots of secrets around here. Security is paramount at ADCorp, as I’m sure you’re starting to appreciate. With some of the sensitive materials we have, it only makes sense.”

Daniel was curious. “Actually, if you don’t mind the question, do you actually know what those sensitive materials are? Do you know what my assignment involved back in Los Angeles?”

Elizabeth smiled, and shook her head. “I don’t. I don’t have the security clearance. And if you tell me anything about your own work, I’d have to report you, so please don’t.”

Then again, Daniel thought, if she knew anything and the fact that she did was itself classified, then she would have to say that, didn’t she? Daniel, you’re becoming paranoid. He could practically hear Sam O’Neill’s grumpy response in his head: Good!

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Next month: the start of Book VII, The House of the Rising Sun.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A bunch of stories on Lush Stories

Writing Journal: As I mentioned in a comment earlier this week, I'm still writing. It's just a little bit all over the place. Don't give up on me just yet :) On the plus side, I've taken advantage of the fact that I can't string sentences together to make sure I know the rest of The Adjusters's storyline. Looks like Book XI will be the last one. And the next book will be called The House of the Rising Sun. I'm actually looking forward to it! Now I just need to finish the last 4000 words of Book VI...

Lush Stories is a site that I visit infrequently, mainly because it's difficult for me to find the stories I enjoy within. But once in a while, I take a deep dive, and come up with enjoyable tales. Here's the result of my latest foray. Mostly wife-sharing related, but not exclusively. Also, multi-part stories, because that's always what I prefer.

The Chain Link, by PervyStoryteller: “A mysterious figurine and the lure of experiencing his deepest sexual desires". Interesting idea, a sort of fantasy-enabling chain letter.

Dirty Little Secrets, by PervyStoryteller: “A wife shares her dirty little secret.” The description doesn't say much, but it's a wife that puts on sexy shows on webcam for her husband while he's traveling, and discovers that she has a voyeur perving on her. And she doesn't dislike it.

Erika the Sex Slave by HotStuffPriya: “18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave.” What it says on the tin. No deep psychological characterization in this one: it's sex, sex, sex.

Wife Discovers Erotic Photography by TuWatchu: “Wife agrees to pose for boudoir photographs.” Your typical wife-gets-her-eyes-opened-and-her-sexual-horizons-expanded-while-the-hubby-enjoys story. Fun sex scenes.

His Wife, My Toy by PervyStoryteller: “Your wife’s my plaything now, and I don’t let anybody else touch my toys unless I say so.” Not as rough and extreme as I like stories with that setup (and title!) to be, but still pleasurable when you're in the right mood.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Three Stories

Dropping in for a second to say hello, to let you know that everything is fine, and to let you know that The Adjusters #66, the epilogue to Book VI, is coming soon. I'm sorry I've been an absentee landlord lately.

Nothing much caught my attention story-wise these last few weeks, as my mind's been a bit elsewhere, but the following stood out from the lot.

Elfin Descent by Orc Dominion: “The orc prince plans and the elf princess sets out.” I'm generally not particularly attracted by fantasy-based smut. I'm not sure why. Might have to do with low exposure, and not finding anything that especially calls to me. But this one has a nice little corruption arc to it that struck my fancy. Plus, Elf princesses!

Playing Along by Gina_B_33: “Classy wife steps out on the wild side.” Wife overhears her husband wanting to see her be wilder, and she keeps pushing the envelope, and he lets her. Fun little story.

Taming a Bitch and Beyond by Wetwordmixer: “Sexual adventures of a couple as they explore their desires.” Okay, this is a weird one. I'm not entirely entirely sure what's going on in it, because the structure is a bit nebulous and the writing is... not bad necessarily, just... wildly idiosyncratic? But there are a couple of scenes, especially in the later chapters, that are pretty hot.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Story: The Adjusters #65

(Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Rumors of my inability to get editing done in a timely fashion, however? Right on.)

Here is April's installment of The Adjusters, “Los Angeles, Part 4", wherein Daniel and Cindy close the case.

As usual, comments welcome.

I'll also remind you that we have a Speculation Thread available for general discussion. (A thread which I read but do not comment on.)

The Adjusters #65 - Los Angeles, Part 4

"So what's the plan again?” Cindy Caprese asked, her voice sounding petulant over the phone.

"The plan is that I stay here and wait for Fairbank, and you stay in the car and if there's any hint of trouble, you tell Brisecoeur to send in the cavalry." Daniel Malcolm repeated for the third time that evening.

Cindy knew the plan well—her asking about it was merely to emphasize for Daniel’s benefit that she did not like it one bit.

"And remind me why I'm down here and why you're up there?" she asked.

"Because it's not your job to put yourself in danger, and I don't want anything to happen to you."

"That's selfish."


"And that's mean."

"Boo hoo. Non-negotiable, Cin."

"You'll pay for this later."

That banter with Cindy told Daniel that she was not really upset, which was good. He really did not want her to get in harm's way. One did not need to be a trained psychologist to understand why: he had lost too many friends already.

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Next month (the Muses of Creation willing): Los Angeles, Aftermath.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


The Adjusters #65 is getting delayed a bit because I'm rewriting a scene — I wasn't happy with how it was flowing, and I'm not sure it quite fit psychologically. (Yeah, I worry about those things...) But I think I have a fix for it, which should make it not only better but also easier for the story to segue into the next books.

In the mean time, have a look at Ashley's Campaign by Loerics: “How far will Ashley go to beat her rival?” Some nice scenes in the first five chapters, but things really kick off in chapter 6, where it turns dark quickly.

Ebook-wise, I've enjoyed Kirsten McCurran's series Hot Dates: Becoming a Shared Wife, and Hot Dates 2: Living as a Shared Wife. Well written, and nice ramp up of the heat and the sex. It's up there with the good stuff in shared-wife smut land.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

More interactive games

Writing Journal: Progress has been good on The Adjusters #65. Now that I know what Book VI is all about—a realization that struck me two weeks ago—it's going a lot faster. I will not have it ready by March 1st, but should be done by next weekend. Then the conclusion of Book VI, and then on to Jenn to see how she's faring at the House of the Rising Sun.

I've actually been following a few interesting stories here and there, but I'll keep those for the next blog post, and instead point out a couple of interactive stories/games you should be aware of.

I came across this one practically by accident, but it's actually pretty good. Corrupting the Princess. As the author says: “You play as Marcus, a very successful businessman that is about to foreclose on a church when a very tempting offer is dropped in his laps by Aliane, the gorgeous high priestess.” I'll let you guess what the offer is.

Fugue has an ongoing interactive story that he's been giving previews for, Dollars and Sins, which should be pushing many of your mind control buttons. Just a preview, but promising. Interestingly, he is also publishing the straight up story that underlies the game. And that story is in some sense darker. Certainly, the protagonist in the story is a lot more straight up and casual about his use of his magic dollars. In contrast, you can almost feel a hesitancy in the protagonist of the game. Still, both are worth looking at.

Finally, one of my favorite smut artists, Alx, has a game out—really, a proof of concept for his larger game about Hogwarts which we're all really looking forward to seeing!—called Gargoyles: The Beast and the Bitch. Yeah, it's about the TV show Gargoyles. Yeah, I know. But give it a shot. You're welcome.